man in the mirror

[Both]This piece is dedicated to; those of us who understand growing up is hard work especially when there is two of YOU.(repeat twice) To those young women of today struggling with yesterday’s little girls. (Pause),this is the conflict within most of us.
[Person 1]: when you look at me; are I not your typical ‘’cover girl material?’’(Winks)
[Person 1]: but when I gaze into the mirror, past the foundation obscuring the rashes, scars and pimples is something beneath lurking on the inside. A feeling of ‘’inadequacy’’ dictated by the world’s diverse expectations.
[Person 2]: take a closer look; you cannot tell that I am my own number one public enemy. Simply because, I have failed to man-up amidst these new set standards. I am frantic with fear of shrinking my networks. Yes, I have some desperate cling lings.
[Both]: the lady clad in red relates.
[Person 2]: she too, knows that having a man in her  bed every night does not insure one against the loneliness risk.
[person 1]: or how the daily use all sorts of make-up, lightening or volume-sizing products does not entice what she hopes to fill the void within.
[Person 2]: the young man in the extreme corner knows that loneliness is best taught in a crowd. When he glances in the mirror, he feels pathetic fighting himself for subscribing to the opinionated minds of fellow men, leaving him in full attendance of pity parties.
[Both]: mirror, mirror on the wall who is the fairer of them both?
That used to be me, okay us. Feeding off crumbs of commentaries for daily survival and forgetting to consume the loaves provided by a RECKLESS ROMANTIC. A HIGHER KIND OF LOVE who jogs my memory of who I really am.
[Person 1]: a love inspired by God’s love for and in us.
[Both]: bloodlines may qualify as twins but looking for a divine love from a human heart leaves me null and void.
[Person 2]: that is why a man peers into the mirror and immediately forgets what his image looks like.
[Both]: Gaze into a mirror of such love;
[Person 1]: that clears that blurred image of self,
[Person 2]: that tears down walls that block that liquid crystal display of self
[Both]: those great walls of jealousy, envy, sense of inadequacy had better start tumbling down.
[Person 1]:The mirrors that display you; as strolling high-nosed with your head up in the air, seeking to gain praise to raise spirits; subscribing to intoxicants to create an ideal inner healing, being with inflated pride and consulting personal fears regarding various commitments,
[Person 2]: let them be shattered once and for all in honor of the Magufuli policy. If you are not your biggest fan, once you peep into that mirror that spells dooms-day.
[Both]: you had best differentiate and integrate yourself,
[Person 1]: from those fifty shades darker
[person 2]: and stare into the mirror view of who you really are
[Both]: it is YOU VERSUS YOU. Make sure you win.
[Person 1]: do more with actions and less with words while at it.
[person 2]: remember what we lack in perfection; God makes up for in love.
[Both]: I dare you (repeat twice)
I dare you to be the man you want to be once you look into that  mirror.


6 thoughts on “man in the mirror

  1. Ugirumurera Cynthia says:

    For the past few months, I have felt like an empty shell with lots of fakery on the outside…but reading this, i’ts amazing and settling to know someone out there underderstands…and thanks for the the advise…we need God to crucify ourselves every day in the hopes of becoming more like Jesus.Thanks guys.

    Liked by 1 person

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