Fight on

A moment of silence, to those  who have never been  involved in a fight; not necessarily physically such as Golola ’s kick-boxing stunts, but the basic daily fights inside one’s thought factory. In the due course of the fight is self discovery. I was once a kung Fu panda, ranting and raving for peace and strength for the fights. I have also been a kick boxer at the end of the boxing ring where I have experienced several knockouts by life’s hard-knocks leaving me in paralyzing activity to as the bell rings for the next round. I’ve also been a samurai, super flexible and somersault on the defeated end of my fights. This dead end of loss has an enlarged appetite and opens its mouth without ration only for one to descend into what is nothing less than a path to the hidden state of untapped potential.

Given the problem statement, I ‘m disclosing a very much recommended way out. So there’s a master in the art of fighting. He declares that vengeance is His, how the battle is not mine but His. Odd, is it not? Doesn’t that kind of fighting only apply to the Holy of Holies, how then can it apply to me?

See i have been equipped for my battles; I’ve got this, in my humble educated opinion. I think all it takes is our 5 senses; a taste of gossip, pride, haughtiness and deceit; a smell of greed and anger, lustful sight to judge one’s formidable exterior , loss of touch with My Maker so that i only know Him on a Sunday and not through the week. Not overlooking to pay attention to the noise of the world’s new set standards, leaving me to wallow in self pity. See how easy it is to win the fight. I will worship at the throne of mighty self.

Don’t take me too serious but the fights we fight we contest, count; you just have to know which one counts. Some of them include: taking a bit of bitter and substitute it for sweet or  sweet for bitter, playing trivial religious games, being mighty heroes of pretense, being so smart and for that matter holding a high opinion of oneself; there’s a new kind of fight  that involves following the wills of others for our lives. Not forgetting those us  who collect trophies from drinking bouts, champion smokers, come first place in the sin race; there’s much more in that fight. I have had enough of it, I’m sick of I’m at cross I can’t go on as the bell rings for the next round,

All the equipment for my fights is at cross-purposes with God, leaving me to end up flat on my face (hands down defeat). I have been so close to the cross but far from Christ. I truly now appreciate there’s no room for God in a heart full of self. So I now choose to quit these worship charades. As I battle it out, I fight not to be vain glorious because My Almighty is strong: He is my strength and my new song. So I will transition roles, I let Him fight for me as He takes me from Alpha to Omega. Thanksgiving will be my dialect. How about that as the greatest form of weaponry for the daily fights you may be facing. It’s not that hard to give thanks, the devil hates it, it is time he understands its core significance.

So my secret weapon, or I like to call it GODFIDENCE†, is for keeps. When under siege in the fight, I employ this strategy, leaving me calm, cool and collected. It’s a life or death fracas to finish against the devil and all his agents. Therefore I will no longer wait for Sunday to worship the God-of –Angel-Armies as I write a hallelujah hymn. But I will take on all the support I can get, I’ll trust and obey the indispensable weapon of the word of God and call the prayer hot lines. I know not how to fight in fact like the saying by Martin Luther King JR, all I have placed in my hands; I have lost it all but that placed in God’s Hands, that surely is my testimony.

In conclusion, as you fight, draw your strength from God, that which His boundless might provides. He is in the business of making all things new. Recall that we are wrestling against the worldly spirits, the princes of air and not mere men. Put on God’s whole armor, step out of being full of self and give the mercy seat to Your Loving Maker. Take up the helmet of salvation, sword of worshiping in spirit and truth as you lift up the covering shield of saving faith. I know not the aftermath of your daily fights but I know this for sure. All things work together for the good of those in Christ. It’s time to fight; the focus is on you.  Remember you only live once so fight hard.


4 thoughts on “Fight on

  1. Neoline says:

    This is amazing. It summarizes the approach to life’s battles. Gives a whole new attitude on life’s challenges.. Thankyou. God bless you


  2. Honeyfar Jenin Mpaata says:

    What Can I say!!!.Your an amazing Analyst and An Inspiration to Me!…Keep Going Girl…Build your Brand! Your Maker is Certainly Proud!


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