I remember

I remember

I remember eating my first rolex.i never thought of so much happiness underlying every savour bite of dough and egg.

I remember eating NSENENE(grass hoppers) and actually running away from the creatures. Forgetting the saying as afraid as a grass hopper.

I remember my first crush. I thought it was diarrhea because of that continuous bubbling in my tummy(usually people have butterflies in there)it happened at the mention of his name.

I remember my childhood days. Those keepsake memories of the good all days. I was the paragon of a cool kid because I devoured cool-cool bar sticks, I played the then’’ quiso and par do” which is the now hide and seek game even without owning a rolling bag.

I remember the first conversation with papa. With alacrity in his tone of voice, ’I said no, get out! ’and the door clung shut for close to 17 years

as he lies six feet under.

I remember my first cooking experiences(noodles)It was a total mess and I forced them down the kitchen drain to cover up my embarrassment.

I remember my first experience in a school play.in that moment, I knew I was born for the stage and the world should just watch the space.

I remember the excite I derived from stealing sugar from the bowl and playing ‘’mama ne Tata’’(pretending to be mummy and daddy)

I remember the day my body was stitched as a result of a car accident. I thought the stitches were a great signpost on my face that displayed monster.

I remember my first kiss.it happened as we ushered in the new year,so full of passion and curiosity that killed the cat.i remember my first night out on the loose. All that I thought off was my need for independence from parental colonial boundaries. Nothing else, nothing more, no thing else.

I remember my mom devotedly paying my school fess even after seeing my report.(high school was a crazy phase)

I remember eating chewing gum and swallowing it thinking it would sprout as a tree in my tummy.

I remember my first spanking.it was with a belt.(apparently a white lie is the worst lie)

I remember going to church every Sunday, heeding to the ALTAR call and then going back to square one the following Monday.

I remember the final time I gave my life to Christ.right then and there,peace feasted on my soil and I’ve never been the same again.that much I remember.



5 thoughts on “I remember

  1. oluchee says:

    I remember my first experience of stage fright. I was sposed to recite a Bible verse but instead I was just staring at the congregation. Then they started to clap.. everyone… I think to encourage me.. but I just kept staring with the microphone over my lips. The clapping died down and I someone came to pick the mic from my hands but I wouldn’t even release it😭

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