Dating self series is an avenue for us to come to reality as the people in single¦ville for a while.the people we hope to date,are they a fantasy or are we being realistic,is one plus one really one?Let′s explore,〈BLOGGERS WATCH THE SPACE AS YOU ARE HOSTED ON THIS SITE〉


I have the privilege to host a lady after God’s own heart on this series.Chance made us friends and God′s divine destiny made us friends.Without further ardu,i present Ms.Belinda Kakura.


A child that is in love with love….yes that may seem naive…But God created love!!!
I see love as a perfect feeling…my oh my
I lay down sometimes and I think of Him
My Boaz…
How he’ll say I’m the one
How he’ll be mine…and me his 😆😆
I wonder how will it feel…will it be nearly as amazing as I imagine it….no I bet it will take my breath shall be mind-blowing
Will you love me like Christ loved the church?
Will you find me just like Boaz found Ruth?
Will you stay with me just like Joseph stayed with Mary?
When we grow and get kids of our own….May they look at us and hope that they too will have what we have…
May they hear us laugh and feel the joy that is love 😊😊
May you be the One…the One God created for me…Mine 😄😄 May we meet at Just the right time….💏….
Will you love me..just as I imagine you will….😚



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