Cool Versus Holy. Frequently asked by teenagers.

On this journey of life, we are presented with various means to our destination but the end route remains unchanged. What matters the most is what lies in the gap of your birth date to that of your expiration.

One thing truly astonishes me, is why adolescents act the way they do.  I thank God I have had the privilege of going through that period and learning from it. In such a  trice,  youngsters echo a common song of how short life is and all the more reason to make it shorter. I suspect you have been at that place and sang that same piece.

I must warn you to put up with a little foolish side of me as I explicate this matter. In that moment  ,a teen experiences an insatiable need of independence .Do you not agree with me?  Often times,  in that same space ,  any wise word of correction and instruction as a godzilla sized threat to total independence  to a teen or a  major stumbling block in the one’s journey of life of becoming and remaining a cool kid. (Oh boy the things we do in that space, just to be cool.) Truly, man is his greatest enemy.

Regarding this issue of being cool, it usually turns out harder than one expects. It bring the worst out of oneself. How so?  I warned you already about the foolishness I am exposing, let your eyes feast on this. We often ride on excuses of  how everyone cool is doing it and shrink ourselves from standing out. In that space what everyone cool does  , is get the party on with wine , whiskey and all sorts of alcohol labels. Little wonder Johnny keeps on walking. I do not even know how we got here, but I started writing and  I must finish. When the alcohol runs out,  the plug into the immorality is  switched on where fornication is capitalized. “FUN”  is spelt out as aimless kissing and loose hands all over bodies as lust never quits. I remember this version of “fun”,  which is the love of choking on the smoke of pot[also known as crack] , marijuana as well as shisha, et cetera. Is this not sheer folly?

Youngsters do so much in the quest of freedom , only to land oneself stuck in the mud of liberalizing captivity. This irrational decision is followed by excuse of how there is no harm in trying as the common denominator among many others.  Then there is a new phrase I’ve heard, behind every cool teen is a mighty God. As the phrase dictates on Sunday, a cool youngster  dresses elegantly and role plays in a holy act before snap chatting about Sunday vibes.(Church is highly encouraged for renewal of mind,  where Christ is one’s daily and personal Teacher as He is affirmative in the action of love inviting us  to cast our cares unto Him and  that is why am never dropping out from this school. )

The battle-field of the mind of a youngster is usually centred on how to stay cool and be holy. Let me borrow an illustration from the sports world, here is the much anticipated final match between the remaining two teams in the Premier League or World cup. The supporters cheer on their teams however in as much as one yells loudly for either team and is not a player on the pitch, no goal is scored. Even screaming a loud yes when the goal is scored does not change the process. To score a goal requires the mental discipline of the active player who acts on his decision to score regardless of the gifted hands of a goal keeper on the opposition side.

What am putting across is that  one is required to make a final decision before acting on it. Just like in a race , every athlete runs but one wins, Kiprotich is a confirmatory test for that observation. Sooner than later , you have to decide, one cannot have it both ways. It is either banqueting with the Sovereign Lord who  fills your cup until it overflows or dwelling in the slums of lies authored by devil.  God wants you, its all or nothing,  He is a jealous lover because He owns it all unlike us. You can choose to breathe in fresh air of confidence to stride hither and thither or to walk around on egg shells worried about what others are saying about how un-cool you may be.

SALVATION is free as much one pays a costly price for maturity.  We perish because we have turned our backs on the knowledge of God’s amazing love. For fear of missing out,  we refuse to take a stand on our value system. We easily forget that we can never reduce Christ to what we are, but how He raises us  to who He is. Greatness beckons, friends..  will you answer the call today knowing that tomorrow is promised to no-one? The journey of life invites us to live fearlessly but not carelessly, it hands us lemons to make lemonade. In Christ, we have also been freed  from an enslaving death to a salvation life. With that as a perspective to work from , God’s wisdom will take us  the rest of the journey.[ Amplified Bible James 1:5] If any of you is deficient in wisdom, let him ask of the giving God [Who gives] to everyone liberally and ungrudgingly, without reproaching or fault-finding, and it will be given him.

Lastly, how cool is your cool? Is it truly liberating or more like a handful of regret heaped upon regret? 


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