New beginnings:CC: note to self

Today is the day. Not any day but THEE day.
“Carpe Deum” they say, my English friends loosely translate this as seize the moment.(I hope this is no recipe in any way for a Spexit after Brexit)

Today is thee day not just to talk about it but to be about it.
I have been racking my brains on all the what ifs or what if nots but today , just this day what happens if i cease the moment.
The thought of the outcome , tickles my mental faculty especially after making peace with this.


And oh boy, the only comforting thought , in this particular moment is k owing how and that God has walked in no darker rooms than He leads or may lead me through.

In a nutshell, Today is Thee day:set a new goal, eat crazy sea  food, travelarount the world, marry a boy or a girl, live for now, excite yourself but think out this:


So like Nike, just do it.
Live and walk wisely.


This is my first shortest and unedited piece,first mental note to self.


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