Practical strength

Let’s agree to disagree.. (It doesn’t sound grammatically correct, but i like it, so it is written in this piece.  This is dedicated to those of us who question how to fill the insatiable void of strength especially for those persons who depend on dutch courage for a means of strength.

To be honest , i don’t practically know how to be strong, however this much i know.

One.💪.To know how strong a woman is, place a teabag in cup of hot water. (Allow me , just this once to express feminisim, after all i am among the  phenomenal women that Maya  Angelou speaks of)

Two..💪.. On a serious note. It takes real strength to forgive, just ask the little daughter raped by her biological father or the  man sodomised by his female caretaker,..there is a wide variety to pick from, just pay close attention to your life’s scenes.  There is a notion of forgiving others for the need of peace within oneself and therefore forgiveness is the equivalent of weakness.I strongly disagree, on that note , shall we move forward? (I a almost tempted to represent it as 👉 but i respect my nation,  Uganda’s politics so i rest my case)🆘

Three 💪the most practical strength i have experienced and continue is through the source of ALL strength. You may argue with my assertion°❗❗❗°
Just before you begin, i’d like you to show me anything that has sprung into existence without having its pre-existence given by the Creator of Galaxies,  universe and et cetera. It takes great strength to have an artistic mind, to speak things that are not as though they were(speaking what uplifts one’s inner man).
I cannot fathom the strength it takes to carry ALL things granted through and in Christ only by seeking first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and EVERYthing is credited on life’s account.  (please note with concern how many things are catered for). Drawing Strength from God who provides us with His boundless might

Four…… 💪Akin to my deduction is a practical armor of strength, like a heavy-armed soilder marching unto war.An armor supplied by God to successfully stand up against all the strategies and deceits of the devil.
Please understand, in such a wrestling match, this neither calls for flesh nor blood(what entertains our physical senses).
Rather the battle line is drawn, in one end of the boxing ring is world rulers of this present darkness and in the other is you:not your spouse, parent or child, just you. This scene jogs my memory of the musical tune of how its us against the world, however to a small extent, its paradoxical so let us run back to the subject matter.

Five, 😐➡💪how does one wear such an armour? Before i go on, i will emphasize the why , the necessity of such weaponry, simply put to resist and stand firmly in your place during crises, in a world such as this where evil is being manufatured. (Don’t get me wrong, good people exist, my family is a testimony to this)

How one wears such an armour demands you to be clothed in strength: tighten the belt of truth.  Sometimes, If not most it is not easy to trll the truth,but right there is where the strength is defined.


You ought to wear a breastplate of righteousness, which is in God , a place of right standing with God given by Him, not good works.
Firm your shoe laces, get your favourite pair of running shoesand ru to the end of the finish line,  in preparation to face the enemy with firm rooted stability, no chickening out‹ at this point, you reached this far›.
Grasp your shield , place it firmly under your armpits (a style Kintu invented-Kintu is a popular traditional fork tale among the Ganda culture in Uganda). This shield ofsaving faith,  with which you quench all the flaming missiles ofthe evil devourer.
Firmly position the helmet of salvation on your head and clutch unto the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.

Keep a strong watch on your life,  purposely if i should say by praying at all times, on every occasion.


Reflections from the Holy Bible,Book of Ephesians , chapter 6


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