Chinese whispers, is  a popular game used to illustrate how information gets distorted,so the mental picture of the above assertion was on auto replay when the above statement first appeared.The comic strip was more like,

Schools made me no better,

Schools made me no better,

schools made me better,

Did they?


Can i confidently stand here today and now;and even to openly declare that all that i am intellectually is attributed to the previous schools i attended,

Let me bring you up to speed on the collage of these pictures on auto replay  in my  mental faculty.

I attended school at a tender age of 3,which was mainly playing with sticks, learning how to draw read and write in English, meeting other kids,and this happened consecutively for  repeatedly for three years placed in ‘’baby’’,”top”and ”upper” classes. Thereafter, i began the quest to extend my horizons by journeying through seven years of primary which was basically arithmetic and writing.I dared to take it a notch higher by enrolling to reap what i had sown in an ordinary level of secondary education before finally birthing the notion of never giving up by partaking in an advanced level of secondary education.

You know the saying of how we constantly become, i am currently pursuing the journey of how  all must be one in a school of higher learning.The 20 or so journey has it made me better or is leading me downhill to take a turn for the worse?

In an attempt to answer the question i must openly declare for me ,school has not been the above institutions i attended.No, not at all.

Actually, i boldly confess  i am the sum total of my schools -where schools are  life experiences outside class :where professor day, hands me tonnes of assignments as challenges and successful times to be executed before recess granted by madam night.

In a nutshell, school made me better ,if you could,kindly just view the mental self portraits of my photographic memory as i evidence my assertion.

I am better because of,

The abstract illusion of meeting strangers, integrating them into a relationship bond and choosing to differentiate them from those that just water down our efforts.

The consistence of application of intellectual standards during black and white times that demanded for integrity where it was short in supply for example to cheat or not to cheat in exams

The sharp contrast between personalities taught me how to accommodate others, to think both logically and outside the box and crop out surface thinking  taught me confidence in reason to be applied in a future career or connection.

The dynamic and yet digital growth has  taught me to be affirmative in the action of learning since technology is ever still gives me the dramatic effect especially in coding.

If education=experience, i am being taught to mine the purest form of pertinacity that is simply never giving up or never failing to try to exhibit intellectual perseverance.

The film format of how desperate times call for desperate measures(kawau moments where there is short supply of grab or pocket money)has taught me open mindedness, keep all your options open especially when in dire need of help.

I cannot forget the graphic grid of the ups and downs during all my education especially when my mother paid all my school fees even after seeing some sorry report cards which has taught me intellectual courage, what i mean is  dare challenge the status quo.

Then there was hidden talent that could simply not helpful not help itself but advocate for intellectual autonomy.

Also, the inspiring thought of knowing how you are not alone in the game as i am being mentored in various walks of life.

The juxtaposition of my inner man and pressure has taught me the epitome of tenacity,or how there are no diamonds without pressure.

The Kodak moments also superimposed themselves as i have been taught to know what counts much as i may know how to count by creating keepsake memory moments.

I am being taught to avoid the unlimited lens of narrow minded persons who basically do not wish me to prosper, but God is in this equation, so He got me.

My naked eye is being taught to see the glass as half full:it is not easy but i can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

The outline shows me the future is bright and therefore i am being taught to just do it ,like Nike.

Allow me to pin up,the prototype of Maya Angelou’s phenomenal woman, that’s is me at least i am being taught that each day since tomorrow is promised to no one.

The quantity of time may or may not necessarily affect the quality of output.I have been taught to own my business by having a personified strategy.

The reflection  from my failures radiate new opportunities to trying new ways of getting it correct has birthed intellectual perseverance.

The school  setting of  broad people oriented cultures is teaching me diversity.

Time management is what i am still learning, you know when you respect, value and believe in what you have set time apart for.

The ultimate truth is the only thing i know is that a do not know. This is also a Gandhi saying which illustrates stop wishing and start doing.

My memory also contains large vignettes of  gratitude to the various teachers  have encountered in life.

Plus Wisdom according to Biblical Proverbs which Christ, who is the Author of my life.Because He is my Teacher, i know i am never dropping out of school.

To yield desirable results ,

I am learning it takes a great deal of passionate zeal in whatever you do, especially when no one has forced you to listen to your own heart.




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