TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT; wait for it. (I am grabbing my favorite pair of dancing shoes)

(there is nothing much about this night other than this amazing blog post: I simply wanted to escape from the mantra of how ‘today is the day, so do it,’ .The perks of sharing my work is getting to manipulate it in a manner that it tickles the mental faculties of the readers, you can thank me later:

I don’t know how we got here in the first place,


Tonight, I’ll give my two cents on a sickening attitude of such beings like ourselves. You maybe exasperated just like the way ears of Europeans twinge at the sound of zika virus .My mind is plagued by how I too have been infected by this viral ailment.As for my heart, it has suffered severe hemorrhage and its a great miracle that i have survived being cardiac arrested.(Not literally but i am utterly flabbergasted at the ill-health of mental faculties suffering from this pitiful attitude or malady).

There is an epidemic knows no boundaries, case in point: Kenya and Uganda: both nations are affirmative in the action of being disunited along realistic lines.(I have been in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya close to my homeland, Uganda, the Pearl of Africa. I am majorly thankful to God for new beginnings, so allow me to skip the details of the journey and culture shock and dive straight in to the heart of the matter). 2016 Olympics season IS FINALLY HERE! I am excited because it’s the opportune moment for the cataracts in our eyes to be corrected so as to fully view so the light at the end of the tunnel. During this period there is a cohesive force of unity that seems to strike a balance among Kenyans; exhibit A..the Rio Olympics whereby as an individual like Boniface Mucheru wins, its Kenya’s win and not necessarily that of a KIKUYU, KISSI, KALENJIN et cetera.

I peered into the mirror view of this unity which reflected back to home.SEE Ugandans,(4 in every 5 Kenyans begin their sentences with see)have also been confined by indisposition to focusing on blight of differences. I have met part of the Ugandan community here and it got me wondering why we are so close when we are far away from home.For a moment, I ooze with the fear of knowing that once we get home, this bond we have forged could crumble along its lines or weaknesses. Back at home, we are interested in tribal matters of basoga, bakiga, banyankore and of course the tofali of the baganda to mention but a few.

Like I stated clearly, this cancer is eating away our unity.Its  similar to a dog without a leash, it’s all over the place. Case in point is Somalia that has one tribe but the major cases of instability revolve around inter clan issues in that same tribe. Is it just our thing as humans to write off people because they do not share a common standpoint with us?

For how long must we entertain the visitation of this bug that stampedes us from viewing  the glistening image  of  beauty of diversity; or like I love to call it positive difference. I do not necessarily believe in religion but I serve a living God. Let me jog your mind, Mahatma Gandhi the famous Hindu preeminent  leader of non violence, considered becoming a Christian well until the person who received him at the church mapped out the route to the nearest temple. wow! Are we so close to Christ we are so far from the cross? The cross which is a basic mark of love. The Muslims believe in peace but yet again kill others who do not share their school of thought or beliefs.every religion has an element of soundness coupled with question tags.I will not divulge into religion because that is not subject matter at hand.

ALL  has been said and its about that time something is done. I don’t know how but at least I have a starting point which basically encompasses on the model of life designed by the Supreme Life-giver ,My Abba Father.

QUOTING  from John 1;

We all live off his generous bounty,

        gift after gift after gift.

    We got the basics from Moses,

        and then this exuberant giving and receiving,

    This endless knowing and understanding—

        all this came through Jesus, the Messiah.

    No one has ever seen God,

        not so much as a glimpse.

    This one-of-a-kind God-Expression,

        who exists at the very heart of the Father,

        has made him plain as day.

From the above is the truth without guile or any form of duplicity and I have resolved to at least try.So the next time I say how I to be the change I want to see, the very least I can do is to mean it ,for Christ’s sake, for Him who loved the hell out of me.

Please feel free to check in on me to know how the journey goes.




  1. Joel Jemba says:

    This is what I was talking about with a Nigerian friend recently, the same issues you jotted here, yes, but I think it’s not a cancer because cancer eating us up, it is really overrated in this case, there is a light at end of the tunnel, because Africa is rising, yes, we are in all aspects of life, be bit business, family, media, health, education, and somehow in politics and leadership. You can call it positive attitude because I am that optimist about Africa and the pearl of Africa.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. macponderer says:

    The use of the recent events in Rio beams the observatory skill that you hold. But the thought of Ugandans being united in a foreign country and yet separate within their own abode just perplexes me. Can this be true?


  3. Jacob Eyeru says:

    A writer that never writes with vain boast. This i like, for most of it, i would vouch to valorize. I don’t follow on some parts, but i guess when i become a better reader, i will understand all in the reminiscing.


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