Tap your neighbour and let them know this is that one poem.

That well…….


{P.s;This poet has an uncommon musical sense}

Girls,how can I possibly say this?

{she briefly sings }

“Today will be the happiest day,

The happiest day of my life

It’s my wedding day”

Guys,It been long over due,I must admit

Love stinks,

How complicated does it get?

Tell me woman to woman,

Wait.wait wait.

I can read the confusion written all over your face,

These are not exactly the words expected from the bride to be!

But am not that type of bride to stick to the script,and wait for midnight to kiss my knight in shining armour

so let me say this again,

I must admit,

Love stinks and is  a complicated phenomenon,

How easily we fall in and out of love?

Ask our hearts,we’re broke because we have never paid attention to love.

Today love  is served like coffee in wine glass,

It’s uncommonly received by those around us as we are  more willing to love ourselves.

I know that look,you’re saying ,Love your neighbour as you love yourself,

But if we are too busy loving ourselves,when do the neighbours get some good loving?

Love today ,

Is served like coffee in a wine glass,

Strange to the inner being and familiar to lustful desires,

A smell of ,touch ,sight of ,tastes and feel of

Its Strong enough to keep us keeping on  ,

So ,

If this isn’t love then what is it?

{short pause}

I met a Man

He taught me love,

I have another confession,it’s a bit over-rated but you can handle it;  

I’m far from happy,

I’m past ecstatic,

I’m like a gun overloaded with bullets of love and I must warn you to take cover ;

Yoll” about to get shot.

I am tempted to pull the trigger, but how can I give what I don’t have?

I am glad I met a Man who teaches me love,

Take a few notes ,if you may;


if I ; If you; If we, can speak in the tongues of men or even of angels

But have not love,you know that spiritual devotion as inspired by God’s

love for and in us..then we are only clanging cymbals or noisy gongs;even if we have gifts of interpreting divine will and purpose with angelic ecstasy or surrendered our bodies to be burned to gain the martyrs’status; or even if  dole out all that we have in providing food to the  poor, without love then we are useless no bodies.Love is

Two.Love is Patient and kind never boils over with jealously but simmers with long endurance without weakening.

Three.Love never acts unbecomingly ,it is nether touchy nor self-seeking and doesn’t display itself haughtily.Love is never fretful or resentful but always hopeful.

Four.Love is ever ready to believe the best of everyone,yes that includes people with a complicated status  like you and myself as it pays no attention to suffered wrong.

Five. Love never fails and it’s about that time we allow to be loved on by the Author of love,

God is love

I mean The One whose love is not theoretical but practical, which was demonstrated by sending Christ;His only son to die for us?

And now that I finally met Him,

My confession is

Love is in order.


#Biblical-inspirations~ Corinthians 13

©justifiedecstasy 2016


14 thoughts on “CONFESSIONS

  1. K E Garland says:

    “Love is served like coffee in a wine glass,” is such a descriptive and accurate phrase. I’ve read and re-read it a few times and believe it really produces a powerful and paradoxical image because who doesn’t love coffee? Who doesn’t love wine? But to pour my coffee into a wine glass? Yes, the two don’t match.


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