Tip Tuesday ~ Handling Dry skin

Justified ecstasy is growing thanks to you.(Kudos to you for making this possible). And this exciting journey will  now touch of various pertinent matters which we seem to have forgotten through weekly sharing of  tips.

To kick-start us,

Here’s a special tip for you if  you have a dry skin,

By now , you have obviously seen the acute symptoms of pale shades or cracking skin.

Here’s some great news for you,

You are not alone in that struggle.

A DIY(Do it yourself )remedy is to tank down at least eight 8 ounce glasses daily.


I also stumbled upon a lush tropical paradise  to help keep my skin re-hydrated.This is for both kings and queens.

Quench body butter from Kweli Organics based in Kampala, Uganda.

Kweli is an all natural , earth scented organic skin care line.




This intense moisturizer is used  extensively as  an everyday moisturizer as well as restoring moisture for those of us with dry skin and eczema.


Join in on the movement, No toxic stuff is welcome .


Shop and buy Kweli.











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