TipFul Saturday

Hey there!

I’m sending sunshine your way this Easter.I’m  actually having quite a  foreign experience.Will share the details in the Keepsakes & Memories for April episode.

I’ll dive straight into the matter.

A short back story, I was shopping my hair supplies in preparation for washday ,when a fellow naturalista prompted me to share how I achieved my two strand twists and how I maintained them!

Two strand twists are a happy-go-lucky protective style that go for 2-3 weeks.I did mine for two weeks.

I achieved this look after applying deep condition treatment and when my hair was 60% damp ,sapphire livara hair food was added.(This can be got from Livara)

Then my hair my sectioned to make these medium mini twists.

I added some whipped organic shea butter for a glossier effect.But I have learned recently that adding glycerine in your regimen can help with adding shine to dull hair.

Side tip:oils and butters do not moisturize hair.They simply seal in moisture.ANY moisturizer with H20 is advisable so I use water in a spritz bottle but aloe vera juice also works like a gem .

I have been moisturizing with the Emerald Livara food .(This too can be purchased from Livara)

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Picture  taken by me.

I did not really style the mini twists because I did not want over manipulate my hair strands.But yet again, what works for me may not work for you.What I’m saying is get to know what works for your hair and rock it.Personally , I do styles that do not allow over manipulation of my hair.

After two weeks, I took down my mini twists.I recently learned from one of my fave  natural hair you tubers – mykenyanpuff to apply an essential oil  of your choice while taking them down for more defined twist-out.

This is the aftermath of my twist out.My hair feels as luscious as it looks thanks to the amazing products from Livara.


I am prepping for wash day and I will be using a bentonite clay bar from BU.KE

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Picture taken by me.

Here’s why;

Bentonite clay helps in cleansing hair follicles, removing product build up,softening, detangling ,ultra-moisturizing  hair as well as soothing the scalp without removing essential oils.I’ve also come to learn it is good for encouraging curl clumping and shine.

Side tip.

On wash day;Add a dash (tiny dot)of honey when applying conditioner to boost shine and soften the hair.

Sleep on satin pillow case or buy a satin bonnet.I actually recycled a satin cloth to make a pillow case.

Last tip:Daily massage your scalp to stimulate blood flow  to your hair follicles, hence hair growth and then we will be INTRODUCING YOU AS “Rapunzel”.

Kindly share with me your  tips on handling natural hair so we prosper together.

Have a blessings on blessings Easter.

Philosophy aside,

Religion aside,

Christ is Risen.


©justifiedecstasy     2017



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