It’s an exciting  Sunday on the blogosphere.

Here’s WHY  majorly~ because you’re alive and care to spare the time to read this post.I am sincerely grateful .This post also comes as fulfillment to the weekly post.

Baby steps, fam?

Again ,major thanks to you for celebrating Justified Ecstasy.

THE FEATURED IMAGE CAPTION ~currently holding it together with a bobby pin.(Read on to find out more)

Today’s tip comes after a meet with Craving Yellow.(check out her blog here.)

One~always remember tomorrow is promised to no one .

Step out of the norm.Perharps reach out to someone who is doing something you admire without secondary heistation.This is what I did in the course of the last weekend.

She is such a bundle of love and sunshine hence her name Craving yellow.

My take home during the greet and meet was to create a quality self brand.

Let me be real for a moment;we all want something good but don’t want to do the necessary to get it.Reminds me of the saying;

The dream is free , the hustle is sold completely separate.

I had the opportunity to hear the hard work she puts in towards her baby.(that is her blog, YouTube channel as well as her projects)The aftermath is consistency which is crucial for building a self brand.

Two~Celebrate one  another.In my Celeb meet collection are two lovely ladies; Sheila Ndinda  and Lucy Kingori. And of course,a beautiful soul~Kimberly Wakini.

Last tip;Wear a protective style for the week.

Rocking the Faux hawk

Is this my real hair?

Yes, all of it. BUT  you can’t touch. How I wish?

So anyway, this Faux-hawk was accomplished using Marley hair after sectioning my hair in three parts.I then played around it and my friend helped out with the pinning.

Hence the caption~currently holding it together with a bobby pin.

What protective style have you been wearing  or what tip would you like to share for this week?

Have a week full of bliss.





  1. Miss.Kizza says:

    Love love the revolution girl.growth is everything and branding has consistency all over it.

    I have me some curls on (something like solange’s / the style pantry blogger hairdo)#protective hairstyleofthemonth😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

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