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I wonder where you are reading from.

I actually dare you to share in the comment section below.(High five to the ghost readers)

Today, I hope y’all are ready to be served  with a few tips I have been waiting to share.

In the previous post, I mentioned something along the lines of starting out collaborations.And some of you held me accountable.I am thankful.

Today’s tip is centered on finding freedom from past mistakes;

Honestly let it go.We are all works in progress,are we not?

Hence the featured photo sourced from Pinterest.


(The meme is sourced from idontdoclubs.)

I am extremely humbled to associate myself with such fine quality and for my first collaboration with Wairimu The Poet.

In a nutshell,here is who she is ;

“I write what I feel
Because I feel what I write,
If the world were sinking,
I’d make a vessel from my words
I’d still choose to write
For it is the only way
I know how to save myself.”

Her work is some eye candy.You can get these in A4 size at pocket friendly price of KSH.2000(an equivalent of 19.40 USD) for the mounted version and the framed version is KSH.2500(24.25 USD) by direct messaging her here.If its outside of CBD in Nairobi ,Kenya courier charges do apply.

Honestly it isn’t easy to move forward but it’s extremely detrimental for your personal growth.Moving forward is necessary and it will make sense altogether when you read this poem we worked on.

Growth is painfully rewarding,

slow in blooming

but yet loyal in forming

You must already know that

For I am sinner,

And yet a believer

How could the two exist

In just one being ?

I have grown to accept that

I am imperfect

That I will fall short of Grace

But still stand tall

To accept that yes

I made a mistake,

But I will not live in it

Nor will it define me,

It will refine me

Into the person

I am actively becoming

Like coal under intense pressure

Become diamonds .

To these mistakes that once clung to


I am now slowly introducing you to my absence.

It isn’t easy I won’t lie,

To not question myself constantly,

For not being smart enough to;

Avoid certain people,places or situations

For mixing doses of peer pressure to forego my true north,

Those strokes of innocent folly and misguided loyalty

The list is endless

But if

I forget  that I am the captain

of this ship that is sinking.

If I question myself ,

Too much

I trap myself

In the cage of regret,

Entirely locked in,

Barred away to what life is like on the other end.

And I have successfully become a prisoner

Of my own making.

There is freedom in letting go,

There is learning to live again

past  the hurts

Once you put your mistakes behind you

Moving forward

Marching onward

In one direction

Not looking back

or becoming what hurt you

or trapped you.

You could choose your own path to new-found freedom.

Simply choose,

to grow through it all


Growth is painfully rewarding

That you already know,

And in growing

You learn how important it is

To let go.

That’s our little baby up here.

Personally, I was challenged to write  poems of 4,5 and 8 lines.

Join in on the challenge by airing your invited opinions below in the comment section.

In no particular order,these are my thoughts.

Stick out your tongue.

Show me the dents

Rooted in holding onto the past.

Let that stale breath of thine mistakes.

Be brushed away

With a paste of

today’s fresh liberty

Crowned with freedom to live again.



Like an uncautioned loaded gun,

She aims

Misses the target

And fires in the direction of newly found freedom.


The African drum

That beats unapologetically

To the rhythm of an everlasting tune

I’ll dance myself lame to this

Sound of freedom.


Blessings and Bliss.



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