September’s keepsakes and memories|3mins read

Hey there,

I am totally excited about how far we have come,actually Thank God for the far He has brought us.

Happy October loves,

What keepsakes and memories did August bring your way?

Let me totally honest by saying I feel naked and vulnerable by writing this.

Because I am staying true to self and the  purpose of this blog, which is to connect and find blessings and bliss regardless of the situation.

I can say this with absolute honesty borrowing Najwa Zeiban’s words,

“You can be a fighter and have pain inside of you.You can be a hero and live with trauma.You can be brave and still need a break.”

I felt unbridled depression last month.The depressing part of depression is that it is very depressing.I am very good at building walls and repress whatever hurt I am experiencing.Sometimes it is way easier to smile through it than to admit my pain before others.If only the judgmental looks were exchanged with faces of people willing to listen or someone to be there.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

in need of a break

So how I handled it?I attended several mental health meets that helped me with my healing.I am still healing ;infact  life lately is about travel and spaces not forgetting my constant ,God.

I am doing a mental health series with Jade the Novelist that will be concurrently up this month and my friends and I will be having a mental health awareness week at my university.I am so psyched.

Like Najwa Zeiban writes,

You can’t erase what happened to you but you can always decide to put it behind your behind you,under your feet and rise like the hero you are.

Patsy-18 (1)

The thought of rising like the hero I am


But you know the most beautiful thing about this depression is , how dark it is.

It is in this darkness I have found and keep finding light.

From this wealth of experience , I implore you not to bottle up pain within you.You are not alone.Seek healing with somehow (like I am doing).I thank God for keeping me afloat at a time such as this.

I have poems inside of me waiting to be written as I heal.

I am really feeling #fortheJesusChallenge.

I hope you realize when you are in need of healing and never have to repress things and I pray you find the light of healing within your voice.


It will be okay.I hope you believe this too.


All photos here were shot by my friend,George from a Kitvai

Blessings and Bliss



18 thoughts on “September’s keepsakes and memories|3mins read

  1. cynthiakyofuna says:

    The courage here… To share what most would run away from.. Now that is a fiery Spirit..
    I am very glad you are healing, it is a process I am sure many people would like to read about.. Personally, September was here today and gone tomorrow!! I wonder why the year is flying–possibly God got a surprise waiting for me!!

    Amazing shots and edits too!! Welcome to October

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Anita says:

    Patsy well same here and am glad you stepped out for us all. And yes #Jesuschallenge.
    indeed finding the light in the darkness. well i also find a poetic inspiration and during this time Rumi did it. Thanks again.

    Liked by 1 person

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