No more conversations with my femininity

Hey there,

Thank you for dropping by today.I am totally excited for next week because one; black Friday is coming up and I will be getting some goodies for our give away.There the cat is out of the bag or is it unicorn; Come to think of it, it can be anything because sometimes I write, sometimes I am a unicorn and sometimes I eat grasshoppers.(Don’t give me that look, like how do I even start?They are crunchy and fried.When you’re in Uganda, especially this month, I am sure you’ll relate).Let me address the elephant in the room(i am a roll with these animals.I actually have a dry joke for yall; please promise you’ll laugh hard.What do you call a bear without ears?

Let’s pick up from here in a bit.Y’all have been a great support system.You’ve even suggested that I should do conversations with your masculinity but let’s see how the next series goes.I’m wrapping up this series and we will kick start another series soon with amazing collaborations.

As promised I wrote poems I would love to perform this year afro hair awards.I’ll let you guys know how that goes (our keepsakes and memories posts).So I switched things up, I did a video and audio, please let me know which is yay or nay because your feedback is quintessential for re-branding  Justified Ecstasy.

Also, the answer to my dry joke is B.

The audio is available here and the video is available here.

Blessings and Bliss

Justified Ecstasy ©2017








20 thoughts on “No more conversations with my femininity

  1. Miseducation says:

    First of all I’m with yo on the grasshoppers. Those things are goals…and the video is dope love it. The fact that there is not a lot going on makes it cool. Rock that Afro. It’s your crown.

    Liked by 1 person

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