Hair&Beauty Hacks -BLOGMAS2K17

Let’s talk about natural hair and saloons. I have been to a few in Nairobi with horrible service I resorted to self-hair care.
If you are looking for a few natural hair hacks,self-care and makeup tricks, stick around;

Natural hair hacks;

when washing your hair is easier when washing in sections.Always remember to prepoo(coat your hair stands with oil for at least an hour, from Craving Yellow Masterclass, I learned that she proofs for up to 14 hours. This helps to maintain levels of essential oils in your scalp. I do about 12 chunky twists that I leave overnight and sleep with a satin bonnet on.
The next day, I shampoo my mane; I prefer to do so with shampoo bars, I really love Bu.Ke clay bars. I first rinse with Apple Cider Vinegar and then rinse in cold water ,I have heard hot water makes the hair more coarse.
Then I condition, did you know adding glycerine adds shine to your hair and preheating it makes it glossy? I also do hair masks with bentonite clay once in a month. But rinsing it out is loads of work.
I then deep condition, I usually alternate between protein and moisture natural hair treatments. I do this for an hour. I hope to do a more detailed post of the brands next year.
Please note that all my hair is still in twists through the process, as of next year I want to actively explore local brands in Kenya and Nairobi. Recommend some in the comment section below.
The last step is doing my go-to hairstyle -mini twists using coconut oil or curling cream. I wear them for 1- 2 weeks right before wash day.I moisturize three times a week with oil and water in my spritz bottle.


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Happy Holidays!May your skin glow and hair fro!


This festive season, that’s how you can save a few monies on hair care.
Ps. I colored my hair a while back with semi-permanent dye. I will re-echo what they don’t tell you about coloring your hair is that it will leave your hair dry. So you ought to moisturize more frequently if your hair is coloured.
Then makeup hacks;
Guys always prime your face. Prepare your face for the chemicals you are about to apply before all hell breaks loose on your face.
I usually do this with aloe-vera gel and rose water.

Another amazing hack is you can get a palette that serves both for eyeshadow and highlighter. Like Huddah’s palette.

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Star girl edition

Also, a few pointers to consider when buying makeup, if it is the just one product being sold not other products of that line, chances are high it isn’t original. Usually brands have allowances for wide ranges of the brand products and not just eyeshadow or lipsticks and I am more of a makeup enthusiast than a makeup artist.
My face was beat (face beat) by the talented Duki in Nairobi.

Also a few days left for you to enter the Kweli giveaway.Peep here for details.

Do you know any hacks I may have left out ¿Let me know in the comment section.

Blessings and Bliss

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