Wow, Guys! Can someone take me back to 26th March? Ask me, a senior eater of life what went down.

The Kinks and Kurls Expo was fire; the ghetto in me demands to be heard; it was extra,magic and fly which can be translated into Uglish for  buladehhh* banage.This expo had breathtaking views of gorgeous manes and products for both hair, skin and the entire wellness.Of course, I spotted some mandevu* tribesmen around and again I must say it was buladeehh.*

We kickstarted all the action at 11; 30 am.The fourth expo in my honest opinion was grand and bigger than last year’s. This year was very inclusive and was quite interactive. I was awestruck by the creative juices spilled that day, the hair styling demos and fashion game(let me be brutally honest and tell you the truth!guys did not come to play ).

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