No place to call home (PREVIEW)


Have you been considering adding JJ’Bola’s No place to call home to your TBR List? Have you been waiting for a review on it? Yes, No, Maybe! Let’s get into this review of no place to call home.

“No matter how dark it gets through the night, the sun will rise’’-JJ Bola.

I couldn’t agree more with JJ that the thing about mornings, is that sun always rises after dark moments in our lives.

Who is JJ Bola?

JJ Bola is described as a writer, poet, an educator, and the debut novelist of No place to call home. Although I am also curious why the name is and remains as JJ.

What I gather from peeping at his Twitter conversations is that he craves no mortal honor. Simply put, he is a talented revolutionist for spearheading a movement of healing for persons that have suffered trauma from violence.


The book cover of No Place to Call Home depicts what looks like a transition of a river flowing mapped out on the reader’s mind between borders of countries; Democratic Republic of Congo, Belgium, and Britain. The question on his mind is what place he can call home. Could it be Kinshasa, a city where he was born?



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