No place to call home (PREVIEW)

READ FULL POST HERE Have you been considering adding JJ'Bola's No place to call home to your TBR List? Have you been waiting for a review on it? Yes, No, Maybe! Let's get into this review of no place to call home. “No matter how dark it gets through the night, the sun will rise’’-JJ … Continue reading No place to call home (PREVIEW)


Mid Year Review (PREVIEW)

READ FULL POST HERE. Happy new month Loves! A Mid-year review is in order. I will explain why in just a bit. If you are new here, this series was formerly known as Keepsakes and memories.  I switched things up a bit by using keywords. For example, a post on the account of  June is a … Continue reading Mid Year Review (PREVIEW)

On Culture Appropriation for Natural Hair(PREVIEW)

READ THE FULL POST HERE. An avid reader of the blog asked me to share my take on cultural appropriation for natural hair. Hence the inspiration for today's post,"What does natural hair have to do with cultural appropriation?" Appropriation occurs when a style leads to racist generalizations or stereotypes where it originated but is deemed as high-fashion, … Continue reading On Culture Appropriation for Natural Hair(PREVIEW)