Keepsakes and Memories#Junetake(3 minutes read)

Hey there, phenomenal Homo sapiens !(I know, who says that .But in life,you've to prosper, so let me ). Moving on swiftly; Thank you for sending sunshine my way .(Oh boy)The Justified ecstasy Family is growing majorly because you are making it happen.Thank you so much guys. I would like to apologize for being behind … Continue reading Keepsakes and Memories#Junetake(3 minutes read)


Conversations with my Femininity#Preamble

  Hey there lovely people, Thank you for sending sunshine here on Justified Ecstasy. A short series on Conversations with my femininity is my new little big project, so here's  a preamble to bring us up to speed.   A popular saying; ‘’Boys will be boys, and girls will be girls’’. However, it’s a tragic … Continue reading Conversations with my Femininity#Preamble

TipFul Saturday

Hey there! I'm sending sunshine your way this Easter.I'm  actually having quite a  foreign experience.Will share the details in the Keepsakes & Memories for April episode. I'll dive straight into the matter. A short back story, I was shopping my hair supplies in preparation for washday ,when a fellow naturalista prompted me to share how I … Continue reading TipFul Saturday