How to choose a blg name(you won’t regret)PREVIEW

 "Is Violet in the name? Or is the name in Violet?" "Is Rose in the name? or is the name in Rose?" Today we’ll be delving into how to chose a blog name (you won’t regret). I know a couple of blogs whose names are mind-boggling which is both a good and bad thing. READ ABOUT … Continue reading How to choose a blg name(you won’t regret)PREVIEW


Probably for lovers(Preview)

Hey guys, Is it just me or is the weather in Nairobi for lovers? I have not written good love poetry for a while (in like forever), so here is my(first) shot at it! Grab some tea and something to keep you warm while at it! No! I don’t want to fall in love with the … Continue reading Probably for lovers(Preview)


PRAXIS Magazine for Arts and Literature is calling for submissions from Artists and Writers all over the world. Categories open for submissions are: 1.) Photography Chapbooks 2.) Essays on Arts and/or Literature 3.) Prose/Fiction 4.) Podcast recordings of Spoken Word poetry or Interviews with Artists or Writers, and, 5) Stories/Poems/Essays written in indigenous African languages […] … Continue reading TALENT CALLOUT